ACDBE and DBE Compliance Made Simple

B2Gnow provides diversity solutions to more airports of all sizes across the country than any other software provider.

With a long history of working with airports, the B2Gnow system guarantees compliance with both 49 CFR Part 23 (ACDBE) and 49 CFR Part 26 (DBE).  The concessions module tracks airport concessionaire revenue and expenditures by location for easy generation of the ACDBE Uniform Report.  Need to certify ACDBE’s & DBE’s?  The Online Application and Certification Management modules are configured specifically for this application and certification process.  The Contract Compliance module will track all DBE participation on your capital expenditures allowing you to generate the DBE uniform report in minutes.  B2Gnow also has you covered in all other aspects of your diversity programs including goal setting, workforce tracking, utilization plans, bid tracking, prevailing wage & labor compliance, outreach, and more.

Recommended Modules:

Concessions Compliance

Contract Compliance

Online Application

Certification Management

Goal Setting

Workforce Utilization

Prevailing Wage & Labor Compliance

Outreach and Event Tracking

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  • over 300 Diversity Management Clients
  • $1 trillion+ Monitored Contracts
  • 2 Million Certification Records