Easily Manage and Grow your Local Programs

City and County governments are tasked with simultaneously monitoring, tracking, and reporting on a variety of local programs.  B2Gnow’s Online Vendor Registration module can automate how vendors register to do business with or get pre-qualified with your agency.  Does your agency certify diverse or local firms?  Our Online Application and Certification Management modules will streamline the process for both applicants and certification staff.

Need to report utilization of diverse firms on agency spend? Our Contract Compliance module supports tracking of an unlimited number of suppliers, up to ten tiers deep on each contract.  We also provide a solution for tracking non-contract spend, purchase orders, task orders, and p-cards.

Trying to grow your program and increase usage of diverse firms?  Our Outreach and Event Management module will make sure that your vendor community is fully aware of upcoming procurement opportunities and networking events.

Responsible for collecting and reporting Workforce, EEO, Prevailing Wage, or labor compliance data?  B2Gnow offers powerful modules to automate each process.

Best of all, you can choose to implement our modules in any combination and order necessary to meet your functional and budgetary requirements.

Recommended Modules:

Online Application

Certification Management

Contract Compliance

Workforce Utilization

Prevailing Wage and Labor Compliance

Spend Analysis

Online Vendor Registration

Outreach and Event Management

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