Take Control of Your Statewide Diversity Programs

Statewide supplier diversity programs face uniques challenges.  Luckily, B2Gnow has experience assisting States of all sizes in implementing successful supplier diversity programs.

Looking for an online solution for registering suppliers to do business with your State?  B2Gnow’s Online Vendor Registration module can be configured to capture data on all suppliers, or just diverse suppliers.

Struggling to manage a statewide supplier diversity certification program?  B2Gnow’s Online Application and Certification Management modules are used by some of the largest State certification programs to streamline the process for both applicants and certification staff.

Need to get a handle on Statewide spending with diverse firms? B2Gnow can efficiently capture, manage, and roll-up every type of spend across all of your State agencies, departments, and authorities.  Our powerful reporting will account for every dollar spent.

B2Gnow also offers many additional modules for managing other aspects of your diversity program including supplier outreach, workforce utilization, EEO, labor compliance, and much more.

Recommended Modules:

Online Vendor Registration

Online Application

Certification Management

Contract Compliance

Workforce Utilization

Spend Analysis

Outreach and Event Management

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  • over 300 Diversity Management Clients
  • $1 trillion+ Monitored Contracts
  • 2 Million Certification Records